Black History Matters

There are so many small archive/organization groups out there. I started joining this conversation two years ago when I learned The Chicago Defender Newspaper archives were “disintegrating.”

From our community nonprofit TAG, we got our first grants from the McCormick Foundation to tackle the problem. With this preliminary funding, we created the primary sorting of images to allow for researchers, writers and historians. The demand is great for this information. The Defender alone has over 250,000 images. Many of these images must be digitized to allow future generations the chance to see this rich history.

It was on that journey to “organized” I learned the condition of the African-American newspapers archives around the country. We needed a new strategy, a new way to bring it all together. We need The Obsidian Collection.

Fortunately, a lot of people offered to help. We had our first Advisory Board meeting. Getting established journalists and experienced archivists was much easier than I anticipated.

We have created a strong team of supporters committed to helping us not only get started, but grow fast. The suggestions and recommendations were brilliant! We are off to a phenomenal start!

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