The Obsidian Collection is a hub of resources for Black journalists, content creators, media outlets and archivists who define the narratives of our community – past, present and future.

The Future of Black Media is Unwritten

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Obsidian Images

The images that reflect how we see ourselves.

The Obsidian Collection is a user-friendly, virtual portal for Black culture providing access to images of historical, artistic and cultural significance gathered from Black newspapers, photographers, archives and community groups from around the country. These images are available for licensing and permissions to tell our stories.


Telling our own stories

This is an online platform that gives Black journalists, reporters and writers a collective platform to be found by media outlets and content seekers.  This portal establishes easy access to those stewards of the Black narrative including Black writers, copy editors, screenwriters and grant writers, etc.

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Obsidian Center

Preserving our past, reclaiming our future

The Obsidian Center works to preserve Black historical journalism through digital archiving with proper cataloging and storage of print documents, artifacts, and photographs. We pool our resources to support Black archives, collections, and libraries of the diaspora to reach modern audiences.

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