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Obsidian Launches in London! (Part 1)

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The Obsidian Collection is committed to digitizing Black history around the world. Our first collaborative efforts outside of the states is in London! For more than a year, we’ve been strategizing with colleagues, archivists, curators and photographers across the pond! We decided to make our first series of public appearances during the month of October. This is Black History Month in the UK! We're doing it for the next generation. Our goal is the normalize positive Black culture by reclaiming the narrative. The name of our first exhibition is Young, British & Black!

The name of our first exhibition is Young, British & Black!

First stop in London was Brixton Market!Brixton Market comprises a street market in the center of Brixton, south London, and the adjacent covered market areas in nearby arcades Reliance Arcade, Market Row and Granville Arcade.This community is home to many London citizens of African and Caribbean descent. It’s very high-vaulted ceilings sometimes feature photography exhibits.We partnered with UKBFTOG.This group of UK Black Female Photographers are a beautifully close-knit community of women who support each other as professional photographers.Four women from the group shared their images with the Obsidian Collection and allowed us to curate an exhibit for the entire month of October.

We recorded our Episode 3 podcast in our Obsidian Stories series with the Founder of UKBFTOG, Jemella Ukaegbu. Her journey to create a group of over 400 British Female Photographers is truly inspiring. Connecting with the Obsidian Collection has afforded Jemella the goal achievement of taking the group into other markets. Future plans include the exhibition touring in the USA and possible other countries.

The Opening Reception was full of family, friends, love and laughter. By the end of the year, we hope to have added at least 500 images from the members of this group on our platform. We were greeted as friends and family. Obsidian’s mission of connecting the global Black diaspora is well underway!

This exhibit was expressly enhanced by our relationship with Techtee. Our series of events for the Obsidian UK launch were made possible by sponsorship from DeepMind. We are beginning a series of conversations to favorably impact Blackness and Artificial Intelligence!

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