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And the Winner is... Ava Fields!

Congratulations to our 2022 Black Creators Collaborative Writing Competition winner, Ava Fields! Ava is a ghostwriter, horror advocate, and poet, and we are so happy to celebrate her accomplishment.

Reclaiming the Black Narrative through Storytelling is our primary goal. One way we did that was to hold a writing contest! Our writer platform, WROTE partnered with the Black Writers Workspace to attract some of the best Black Writers around the world.

To announce the winner and hear from her directly, The Black Writers Workspace celebrated this moment through their video platform:

This contest required the writer to: Craft a 5-8 page story, non-fictional narrative, screenplay, song or journalistic article on the following topic: What Black leader or literary legend inspired me the most? How did their work influence how I saw myself as a creator?

Want to read Ava’s Winning Paper? Click

Creative paper_All While You Sleep_AvaFields (1)
Download PDF • 83KB


We also want to recognize our second-place winner S.S. Michelle’s entry:

MANUSCRIPT_Dear Maya Angelou
Download PDF • 142KB

and our third-place winner Langley Shazor’s

To Be Continued
Download PDF • 21KB

. Their work was also incredible! We had so many entries, it was a thrill to see such amazing stories. We are proud to help elevate the Black narrative through storytelling.

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1 Comment

Nov 10, 2022

Wow, all of the entries we amazing. I'm glad I didn't have to select the winner. Keep encouraging the next generation of writers!!!

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