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Blogs, Podcasts & BLACK PAPERS

This year we’re committed to perfecting our pathways to sharing more stories.We’re solidifying our partnerships around the world, focusing on not just digitizing the stories, but sharing them with generations young and old. Providing the facts and glimpses of artifacts of the global Black diaspora can assist journalists and storytellers. We are utilizing old and new pathways to illuminate these stories.

Our newest medium is a BLACK PAPER. Keeping with the mission of changing the Black narrative, we will keep a library of research papers, theses and dissertations detailing the accurate goings on of the global Black diaspora. Our first Black paper is: Brilliant Black Children. This research document was written by Caroline Brewer, a professional educator and author of 13 books. Her report highlights the positive statistics of Black children and their ability to learn. This document and other Black Papers can provide reference points for journalists as they report the news in our communities.

All too often academic white papers emphasize the least flattering parts of our culture. While no one is denying the research, we push back on that being the ONLY part of our culture emphasized, researched and even discussed. Changing the narrative includes changing that!

We’ve been able to share information and stories through our Black Then and Now blog.We are stepping up this version of storytelling up with more guest bloggers this year. This appears to be the year we will receive more grant funding specifically to tell more stories.

The Obsidian Collection will expand through our podcast as well.Recording our history through audio keeps with our oral storytelling history. Our series is called Obsidian Stories, hosted by Joi Weathers. It’s available on your favorite app for podcasts.

Aside from our digital storytelling, we have some exciting collaborations taking place with organizations locally and around the world.We will be announcing the stories and the public events as the dates approach. The next few months will be filled with pages of new stories with images not seen in decades from around the world. Follow along with us.There is SO MUCH TO LEARN!

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Apr 01, 2023

Amazing how like minded people can meet and create magic!!

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