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Obsidian in Abu Dhabi!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Announcing to the world, The Obsidian Collection Archives are coming!

Becoming one of Forbes 50 Women over 50 continues to be a life-changing experience. It’s been great for me and The Obsidian Collection Archives. Forbes outdid themselves with an event in Abu Dhabi. For International Women’s Day, they gathered women from around the world. The various cohorts of women Listees, 50 Over 50 and the women from their lists of 30 Under 30. Bringing the generations together was not only inspirational, but powerful.

Many of the younger Listees accomplished a lot through futuristic tech. I have made the commitment to work with at least three of them. The Obsidian Collection will collaborate with the best and the brightest in web design, social media and urban planning. As for the 50 Over 50, I have made new friends and allies. Obsidian is building a wealth of new friends and enthusiasts. They are sharing advice and resources to help us grow exponentially in a shorter amount of time than our initial projections.

One of the surprising things I learned visiting Abu Dhabi is how very young is the country of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE declared its independence on December 2, 1971. Touring its capital and witnessing all the construction and evolution helped me envision the building and evolution of The Obsidian Collection Archives.

We’re building a global operation. We will have some of the spectacle of Dubai, UAE and the heart and soul of Abu Dhabi, UAE. The best is yet to come. Stay with us!

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